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    Hallgarten lies halfway between the historic monastery Kloster Eberbach and the small town of Oestrich-Winkel. The historical wine village is just a little more than 1 kilometre away from the Rhine. This is where we find the wine cellars of the Bibo Runge winery. The vineyard slopes all face south as the Rhine makes a very sharp east to west bend between Wiesbaden and Bingen. These are excellent conditions for grape cultivation in the Rhine Valley. Grapes have likely been cultivated in Hallgarten since the Middle Ages. It is documented that Hallgarten was a supply village for the large Sistine monastery in Eberbach, and the land was tended by farmers and lay brothers.

    Along with the south-facing slopes, the Rhine provides a natural heat reservoir and a reflection face that should not be underestimated. The Taunus lies behind the vineyards of Bibo Runge, and its forested mountain ridge shields them a bit from the north-south winds so that only a fresh breeze cools the grapevines in the warm summer nights. The Riesling grapes here grow in a mixed soil of river sand, slate and clay. The drainage characteristics of the subsoil are optimal for the health of the plants, which makes this terroir ideal for high quality wines.

    Walter Bibo, born and bred in the Rhine Valley, and Kai Runge, from Baden, met many years ago through a mutual friend and vintner in Baden. Bibo, who earned his spurs in the Kaiserstuhl after finishing his degree in viticulture, was a long-time director of the Schloss Reinhartshausen winery in Rheingau. Runge was a restaurateur and consultant for large companies with an ingrained love of quality and knew about how to make good things even better. Together they set themselves the goal to bring extraordinary wines into the bottle.

    Bibo Runge has also explored new terrain. Their philosophy is simply that good wine takes time: Walter Bibo and Kai Runge give their creations that time. It begins with the harvest. Up until that point everything runs in a pretty traditional manner. Pressing gets a little more extravagant. Where pneumatic horizontal vat presses are the standard in modern German wine cellars, Bibo and Runge have taken a longer but very prolific path with their basket press. In recent years, the vertical basket press has been rediscovered in some of the best Bordelaise wineries because it brings forth a very fine, clear must with very little lees.

    However, the basket pressing procedure demands a great deal of manual labour and is time-consuming. After fermentation, which is done with both cultured and indigenous wild yeasts, the Rieslings mature in large oak casks and are allowed to stabilise there in peace. After the wine has been granted the time it needs, it is bottled and can then be described as one of the best nectars of Rheingau. Thanks to the basket press and the long maturation period in oak casks, the Rieslings from Bibo Runge are unbelievably poignant, brilliant and clear flaw-free wines that make experiencing wine fun.

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    Rheingau Riesling Auslese Hallgartener Jungfer 2014 - Bibo Runge
    Rheingau Riesling Auslese Hallgartener Jungfer 2014 - Bibo Runge
    Bibo Runge sweet Germany
    22.32 €* €29.23 *
    Content 0.5 liter(s) (€44.64 * / 1 liter(s))

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