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    Château Castera - Tradition and progress

    Château Castera can look back on a very eventful past from the Middle Ages to the present day. The beginnings of the estate date back to the feudal period. Among the owners of the estate are the Arsac family, important wine exporters in the 14th century, Étienne de La Boétie, the famous humanist and the Marquis de Verthamon. Everyone who has lived here has contributed to the development of Château Castera and has been jointly responsible for ensuring that the estate has survived the passage of time.

    As early as 1850, Castera had already achieved high prestige through the Bordeaux guide of Charles Cook. However, the phylloxera crisis brought an unexpected end with the devastation of the vineyards. The Verthamons, then owners of the vineyard, were therefore forced to sell their property. In 1922, Monsieur Degonde and his family took over Château Castera and in the first classification in 1932, he directly helped to achieve Cru Bourgeois status.
    In the meantime, a trading company had taken over the management, and in 1986 Carl E. Press (the father of the current owner) bought the estate together with Dieter Tondera. This duo undertook extensive renovations to the building and the vineyards, thus laying the foundation for the current fame and success of Château Castera.

    Even though technological progress has always been part of the history, the winemaking process is primarily more traditional. The sorting of the grapes by hand, temperature controls and the slightly longer maceration. In the use of wood, great importance is attached to harmony in order to emphasize the fruitiness of the wines and not to overlay it. All wines are matured for 12 months in French barriques, then bottled and stored in the bottle for another 24 months before they are finally sold.


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    Cru Bourgeois Médoc AOC 2017 - Château Castera
    Cru Bourgeois Médoc AOC 2017 - Château Castera
    Château Castera dry France
    14.52 €*
    Content 0.75 liter(s) (€19.36 * / 1 liter(s))

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    Company Name:Château Castera
    Street:Rue du Bourg
    City:33340 Saint-Germain d’Esteuil
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    Telephone: +33 5 56 73 20 60
    Company Owner:Thomas C. Press
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