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Weißburgunder trocken 2019 - Dreissigacker Weißburgunder trocken 2019 - Dreissigacker
Witte wijn Droge Duitsland Rhine-Hesse (DE)
€11.50 *
0.75 liter(s) (€15.33 * / 1 liter(s))
Wunderwerk Riesling 2016 - Dreissigacker Wunderwerk Riesling 2016 - Dreissigacker
Witte wijn Droge Duitsland Rhine-Hesse (DE)
€21.50 *
0.75 liter(s) (€28.67 * / 1 liter(s))
- Pino_ & Co. trocken 2019 - Dreissigacker
Rosé Droge Duitsland Rhine-Hesse (DE)
€10.50 *
0.75 liter(s) (€14.00 * / 1 liter(s))
- Bechtheimer Geyersberg Riesling 2015 - Dreissigacker
Witte wijn Droge Duitsland Rhine-Hesse (DE)
€46.90 *
0.75 liter(s) (€62.53 * / 1 liter(s))
Wunderwerk Pinot Noir Red Wine Wunderwerk Spätburgunder 2015 - Dreissigacker
Rode wijn Droge Duitsland Rhine-Hesse (DE)
€29.90 *
0.75 liter(s) (€39.87 * / 1 liter(s))
Weißburgunder trocken 1,0 l 2019 - Dreissigacker Weißburgunder trocken 1,0 l 2019 - Dreissigacker
Witte wijn Droge Duitsland Rhine-Hesse (DE)
€9.50 *
1 liter(s)
- Westhofener Chardonnay trocken 2018 - Dreissigacker
Witte wijn Droge Duitsland Rhine-Hesse (DE) Westhofen
€19.95 *
0.75 liter(s) (€26.60 * / 1 liter(s))
- Einzigacker Weissburgunder trocken 2019 - Dreissigacker
Witte wijn Droge Duitsland Rhine-Hesse (DE)
€54.00 *
0.75 liter(s) (€72.00 * / 1 liter(s))
- Bechtheimer Riesling trocken 2016 - Dreissigacker
Witte wijn Droge Duitsland Rhine-Hesse (DE) Bechtheim
€17.99 *
0.75 liter(s) (€23.99 * / 1 liter(s))
Grauburgunder trocken 2019 - Dreissigacker Grauburgunder trocken 2019 - Dreissigacker
Witte wijn Droge Duitsland Rhine-Hesse (DE)
€11.50 *
0.75 liter(s) (€15.33 * / 1 liter(s))
Riesling trocken 2019 - Dreissigacker Riesling trocken 2019 - Dreissigacker
Witte wijn Droge Duitsland Rhine-Hesse (DE)
€11.50 *
0.75 liter(s) (€15.33 * / 1 liter(s))

Dreissigacker – with great leaps into modern age

Dreissigacker winery

The Dreissigacker Winery enjoys an excellent reputation, which has been worked hard for decades and which Jochen Dreissigacker cemented. It only takes a few moments to realise that Dreissigacker is burning for his wines. The love of detail can already be found in the good qualities and asserts itself rigorously up to the individual layers. In doing so, Dreissigacker attaches great importance to sustainable management in the mountains and cellars. The decision to switch to organic viticulture is not a consequence of fashion, but the consequence of his passion for his wines and locations. This entails an increased amount of craftsmanship because weeding and ventilation is now done exclusively by hand. Another aspect of the quality philosophy of Dreissigacker wines is yield reduction. This is a must for quality wines. During the "green harvest", at least one third of the grapes are pruned. As a natural fertilizer, they improve soil quality, attract beneficial organisms and ensure that the vine can concentrate on the remaining grapes. The result is richer, more extract-rich, fully ripe berries that are more resistant to undesirable mould thanks to better aeration.

Checking the grapes at Dreissigacker

Reading is done by Dreissigacker, how else can you expect it, by hand and selectively. This means that a plot is subject to several readings, as only physiologically fully ripe berries are harvested. The cellar buildings of Dreissigacker are located directly in the centre of the town of Bechtheim and thus guarantee short distances and the associated harvest freshness of the grapes. The locations of Dreissigacker stretch like a half-moon around the small village in Wonnegau.

The following vineyards are planted with Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Silvaner:

  • Dreissigacker equipped Hasensprung, Aulerde, Geyersberg, Rosengarten and Morstein with Riesling
  • Einzigacker was stocked with Pinot Blanc
  • on Kirchspiel you will find Silvaner and the Riesling as well

Checking the soil at Dreissigacker

Dreissigacker - Patience and diligence

After Jochen Dreissigacker took over the winery from his parents, he not only carried out the land reform in the direction of organic farming, but also began to replant the best sites of the Dreissigacker winery. The result is found in the form of marvels in glass. The background of these wines is one of the most delicious compromises we have ever tasted. As the vineyard was not yet sufficient for the highest VDP classifications, but the best sites were not to be lost in the local and estate wines, Jochen Dreissigacker decided to press unadulterated Rieslings and Pinot Noir from the young vines. Such a high quality was achieved that after the first tastings the name "Wunderwerk" was carved in stone. For the wines of the Wunderwerk series, Dreissigacker has used exclusively grapes from the vineyards Rosengarten, Geyersberg and Stein, whose vineyards are between five and fifteen years old. To ensure that the young vines deliver perfect grapes, only 50% of the grapes remain after the green harvest and are allowed to ripen. These are harvested in different stages of ripening and stored in a slightly pressed state, separated from each other, before they are allowed to set out on the road of all the wines of Thirtyacker.

Cellar of Dreissigacker

If one wanted to describe the vinification of the grapes of Dreissigacker in two words, one could describe them with two words - patience and care. The selected, hand-picked grapes are transported to the winery in small containers and gently pressed on. No pure yeasts are used. Only yeasts present on the grapes ensure a fermentation process lasting several weeks. In order to achieve an optimal final product, the young wine is moved into stainless steel tanks and large wooden barrels at Dreissigacker after fermentation. During the following ripening process, we try again and again to find the right assemblage - a Sisyphus work that is worthwhile!

More information about Dreissigacker

Company Name:Weingut Dreissigacker
Street:Untere Klinggasse 4
City:67595 Bechtheim
Contact & Web
Telephone:+49 6242 2425
Fax:+49 6242 6381
Company Group:Dreissigacker
Company Owner:Familie Dreissigacker
Managing Director:Jochen Dreissigacker
Oenologist:Jochen Dreissigacker
Cultivated Area:Rheinhessen, Bechtheim
Cultivated Vineyards:Heilig-Kreuz, Stein, Geyersberg, Rosengarten, Hasensprung (Kernlage)
Agricultural Methods, Cultivation:Ökologisch, biologisch, ertragsreduziert