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    Feruccio Deiana

    Wines of Ferruccio Deiana, high endowed wines from Sardinia

    After studying oenology, Ferruccio Deiana, who comes from a family of winegrowers, first worked in many wine-growing regions of southern Italy and got to know so many wineries and winegrowers. For years he worked as a consultant and designed many Sardinian wine cellars. It was not until 1991 - at the age of almost 45 - that he decided to turn his attention to the family vineyard. With the professionalism of an experienced consultant and the passion of a typical Sardinian, he redesigned the parental winery from the ground up.

    Ajana, Donnikalia, Karel & Sileno

    Only a few of the altogether 35 hectares of vineyards are left over from the period before 1991 and from the old farmhouse in the middle of the vineyards emerged one of the most modern wineries of the whole island. Soon he was able to meet the high expectations of the Italian wine world. Initially, Feruccio Deiana sold the first vintages in the barrel until the vines were older and the wines could satisfy his own very high expectations. With his cuvée "Ajana" (this is the colloquial form of his family name) he was immediately impressed (3 glasses of Gambero Rosso for the 2002 cuvée). The Vermentino "Donnikalia" and the Monica "Karel" are also among the highest rated wines on the island, along with the pure Cannonau "Sileno".

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    Karel Monica di Sardegna DOC 2017 - Ferruccio Deiana
    Karel Monica di Sardegna DOC 2017 - Ferruccio Deiana
    Ferruccio Deiana dry Italy
    8.29 €*
    Content 0.75 liter(s) (€11.05 * / 1 liter(s))
    Sileno Cannonau di Sardegna DOC 2017 - Ferruccio Deiana
    Sileno Cannonau di Sardegna DOC 2017 - Ferruccio Deiana
    Ferruccio Deiana dry Italy
    10.67 €*
    Content 0.75 liter(s) (€14.23 * / 1 liter(s))

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    Company Name:Ferruccio Deiana Azienda Vitivinicola
    Street:Via Gialeto 7
    City:09040 Settimo San Pietro
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