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    Fonseca Port is one of the most legendary wineries in the Port wine region and was launched in 1840 with its first vintage port on the market. Fonseca Port has been one of the great houses in the Douro Valley for decades and has produced the finest port wines even in the worst moments of its history.

    James Suckling presents Fonseca Port in his groundbreaking book on vintage ports as follows:"Fonseca's vintage ports are probably the most durable in size. Not only do they have a striking fleshiness and powerful density when they are young, they retain this youthfulness for decades.

    This consistency of Fonseca Port wines is due not only to the continuity of the owner's family and the knowledge and skill that has been passed down from generation to generation, but also to the close connection of Fonseca Ports to the vineyard. The three Quintas Cruzeiro, Panascal and Santo António are the heart of the Fonseca's Vintage Ports and represent the heart of the aroma.

    In addition to vintage ports, many wine enthusiasts at Fonseca Port also appreciate classics such as Bin No. 27, which add to the charm of the estate. This fine reserve port, launched four decades ago, is one of the most popular and successful port blends. complex ports to drink.

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    City:5120-496 Valença do Douro
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