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  • Frizzante - Isabella and the little strawberry

    In today's fairytale we meet Fragolino, the little strawberry that enriches the hearts of all people who enjoy food with its sweet character and joyful energy. Are you sitting comfortably? Then carefully open a bottle of well chilled Fragolino red sparkling wine from Italy and pour yourself the full-bodied sweetness with the refreshing aroma of ripe strawberries. We are located in the sun-drenched vineyards of Europe, which have been infested by the evil phylloxera. But thanks to Isabella, an American hybrid grape variety, hope was still on the horizon. The grape variety not only saved extensive vineyards, but also gave us small dark grapes, which, when pressed, sparked a sweet and refreshing trend: namely Fragolino. Even today, the slightly tingling Fragolino red wine brings joy and fun into the glass, which is often drunk faster than you think. To joy, life, lightness and strawberries in liquid form - thanks to Fragolino, Isabella and the fun-loving Italian winegrowers.


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    Fragolino - pure Strawberry enjoyment

    The Fragolino sparkling wine is the epitome of strawberry taste in wine. Red, sparkling, pleasant, slightly acidic and above all fruity, Fragolino has achieved true cult status among connoisseurs. On sunny days, the fresh and juicy Fragolino is suitable for endless enjoyment, since the quite palatable body with low alcohol content does not rise so easily in the head - the illustrious pleasure with the fruity and sweet berry taste profiles itself much more. It would truly be an outrage if Fragolino red wine were banned, which would have happened. But thanks to innovative and shrewd winemakers, the sweet and tingling Fragolino remains with us. All the better for a party mood and a relaxed atmosphere. Fragolino belongs without question on the table when the sweet and casual life calls.

    Since pure Fragolino red wine had a very intoxicating effect and was therefore compared with absinthe, and the methanol content was also above the EU law permissible value, the sale of 100% pure sweet drinking pleasure was banned. However, some Italian winegrowers are allowed to offer Fragolino as a cuvée. The Fragolino is blended with wine or grape juice that is close to taste and low in alcohol.

    Things to know about Fragolino

    What's Fragolino?

    Fragolino is a red sparkling wine, whose taste and smell is characteristic of strawberries. The cult pearl wine from the Isabella grape variety can be sold as a cuvée with wine or juice. The easily accessible and sweet wine combines a fresh body with a slightly sparkling acidity.

    Which dishes goes well with Fragolino?

    The Fragolino sparkling wine goes well with sweet desserts or simply solo.

    At what drinking temperature should one enjoy Fragolino?

    The ideal drinking temperature of Fragolino is between 8-10°C.

    How long can Fragolino be stored?

    Fragolino should be drunk young and will keep for about 1 year if stored cool, dark and temperature-resistant. An open bottle, on the other hand, cannot be stored for long. Simply drink and enjoy.

    Buy Fragolino cheap online

    Order tasty and sweet Fragolino wine on VINELLO and start the celebration. There is hardly an occasion on which the Italian red wine from the historic grape variety Isabella cannot score points. Pure fruity strawberries bring lust and mood into the round. Buy Fragolino online and expect our climate-neutral and insured package - and the weekend can begin. Whether outdoors, indoors, at home or on the road - Fragolino is fun for everyone. The cult classic Fragolino for you on VINELLO - small strawberries in full splendour and tasty liquid celebration form.

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