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    The story of Massenez begins in the 1870s with the Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Massenez. He started to distil spirits in his spare time at home in Urbeis. His son Eugene followed in his footsteps and had such a good instinct that he developed into an absolute pioneer until 1913 and distilled raspberries for the first time ever. The resulting eau-de-vie gained great fame, not least because of the queen of Schweder, who first used the raspberry brandy for health purposes, but not for drinking.

    Eugene's son Gabriel Eugene Massenez, who managed the family-run business in the third generation in the 1950s, set himself the goal of making the products of this up-and-coming company accessible to the catering trade. His interpersonal skills and the quality of his products led to the spirits from the house of Massenez being declared a must-have by Michelin-crowned restaurateurs. Gabriel Eugene also demonstrated entrepreneurship by starting exporting his products, which were also very popular internationally.

    In response to the company's steady growth, a new distillery was built in 1979 for Massenez. In 1982 Gabriel Eugene's daughter Manou Massenez took over the company. Her brother Dominique invested in Chilean vineyards in 1989, contributing to the company's diversity. Since 2010, G. E. Massenez has been united with Grandes Distilleries Peureux. Bernard Baud now manages the distillery together with Manou Massenez and Elodie Naslin.

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    Company Name:Massenez Distillery
    Street:1 ZI du Haechy Dieffenbach-au-Val
    City:67220 Villé
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    Telephone:+33 388 85 62 86
    Fax:+33 388 85 69 00
    Year of Incorporation:1870er Jahre
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