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    Grant Burge

    Grant Burge

    Grant Burge Wines - Australian wines in the fifth generation

    Grant Castle Wines is a high quality wine producer from the Barossa Valley, one of the most famous locations for Australian wines. Climatically quite Mediterranean in character, the region is only a few hours away from Adilaide and, thanks to its excellent terroir, is ideal for the fruity wines of Australia.

    "Only the best is good enough"

    The philosophy of Grant Burge, who founded the company in 1988 with his wife Helen, is as simple as it is ingenious: "With a combination of the best terroirs, the best climate and the best winemaking techniques, the result is of course the best wine...". Leading wine critics agree with him. The likeable Australian with a healthy self-confidence seems to be a must. The leading winetrophys from Perth to Brisbane, but also internationally renowned critics rate the wines of Grant Burge with the highest awards. Grant and Helen have successfully tried to integrate their children into the company so that the reputation of the wines does not end with them, and the sixth generation is already working on the vineyards of their forefathers. This is what tradition in the New World can look like.

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    Company Name:Grant Burge Wines Pty Ltd
    Street:279 Krondorf Road
    City:5352 Krondorf
    Country:South Australia
    Region:Barossa Council
    Contact & Web
    Telephone:1 800 088 711
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