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    Lukas Krauß

    Lukas Krauß

    Lukas Krauß, on which ß he insists, comes from the small Palatinate town of Lambsheim. Those who are looking for vineyards and traditional half-timbered houses with cosy wine cellars will soon be disappointed. Lambsheim is a medium-sized town with medium-sized sights surrounded by wide expanses of the Rhine valley. The city is unknown among wine experts - Lukas Krauss sees here rather an enormous advantage than a disadvantage. The likeable young winemaker not only wins through his mischievous smile and his jovial style, but also through the dedication he has shown in his parents' business since 2008. Born as a winegrower's son, he was destined for the future. After his apprenticeship at the Palatinate Winery Müller-Catoir he returned to his father's business and wanted to implement all the things he had learned in his apprenticeship ad-hoc. No wonder, then, that there was little friction between father and son. However, these were quickly settled when Luke got his first vineyard at his free disposal. The wines were promising and so much has changed since then.

    Berthold Brecht once said that he was the playwright among poets. Lukas finds that he is the winegrower among the winegrowers and bakes quite small, but all the more delicious buns. The wines from Kohlacker, between Bad Dürkheim and Ludwigshafen, are a pleasure to drink in bottle form. Lukas Krauß developed his own evaluation system. The man with a hat, his trademark is a medium-size two-digit number of headgear, taking a new and unique approach. For his wines he distributes one to three hats - although the three-hat wines are still waiting for him, because according to his own statements he is not yet ready for them. The Ein-Hut wines, such as the cuvée from Scheurebe, Müller-Thurgau and Pinot Blanc, are already a poem. We look to the future with anticipation and look forward to the first three-hat wine from Lukas Krauß.

    The vineyards, there are hardly any mountains in the Rhine plain, are planted with a wide variety of vines. The soil is characterized by yellow to ochre loess and is quite deep and rich in nutrients. This is where enormous manual labour takes place - mechanisation is clearly on the decline at Lukas Krauß. He loves to be alone in the field for pruning - only he, his music, his thoughts, the vines and the scissors. Here he lays the foundation stone for his magnificent wines with reduced yields and a great feeling for nature.

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    Company Name:Weingut Krauß
    Street:Stadtgrabenstr. 1
    City:67245 Lambsheim / Pfalz
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    Telephone:0049 6233 - 55688
    Fax: 0049 6233 - 506667
    Company Owner:Lukas Krauß
    Managing Director:Lukas Krauß
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