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  • Medium Dry Wine - complete pleasure

    A dry start with sweet aftertaste - semi-dry wines inspire connoisseurs with light residual sweetness and powerful fruit aromas. And yet semi-dry wines are a niche existence, rarely served or even ridiculed. This is truly not fair and lacks any foundation. Because what is described as semi-dry has so much more to offer than a maximum of 18 grams of residual sugar per litre. An approachable acidity melts with the fresh and fruity accents of noble fruits and is rounded off with an unobtrusive sweetness. For all gourmets who find neither dry nor sweet wines accessible, the medium-dry wine has one or the other suggestion. Red, white, rosé from France, Italy, Germany and the world. Semi-dry wines - now twice as good.

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    Semi-dry wine - a whole liquid pleasure

    Semi-dry wines, in some places also referred to as feinherb, are made from numerous grape varieties and with the greatest variety. Dornfelder, Spätburgunder, Silvaner, Merlot, Trollinger and Riesling are only a small foretaste of the rich variety of medium dry wines. The discreet sweetness is a typical feature of the wines, which rather score with fruity aromas and a soft structure. Semi-dry wines can hardly be put in a drawer. With ease ideal for the whole day, with large dishes or with dessert, to enjoy and share. It's not always about the weight of a full red wine - winegrowers all over the world know that. Thus we offer you semi-dry wines from Italy, Austria, Portugal, Chile, Spain, South Africa and the USA. Try the fresh taste of international wines in the semi-dry body at your wine shop VINELLO. We have prepared the best semi-dry wines for you, so that you can enjoy the sweet life - preferably with a high-quality semi-dry wine.

    Semi-dry per german wine law

    Whether a wine may be described as semi-dry is determined by the residual sugar content, which is defined in the wine law. For red, white and rosé wines, the maximum residual sugar content is 12 grams per litre or 18 grams per litre if the acid content is 10 grams lower per litre. For sparkling wine and sparkling wine, the residual sugar content may be up to 33-50 grams per litre. Although the term is regulated by law, semi-dry wines and sparkling wines can express themselves dryer or sweeter, but this is due to the personal senses.

    Our VINELLO recommendation

    TANK No 32 Primitivo Appassimento - Cantine Minini

    Semi-dry but completely dark red - the Italian semi-dry wine from the Cantine Minini offers an excellent interplay between elegance and strength. The ripe cherries, plums and dried fruit show themselves with every nose and every sip. A round and concentrated experience that makes Tank No 32 Primitivo Appassimento the ideal accompaniment for game and mushroom dishes.

    Sauvignon Blanc serigraph Pays d'OC IGP - Fortant de France

    Crisp, fruity, modern - the lemon yellow Sauvignon blanc from Fortant de France captivates on all kinds of occasions. Its fruity bouquet of pineapple and grapefruit brings freshness to the round and shines with a long-lasting finish. The juicy character of this French semi-dry wine complements Asian cuisine in a playful way and is also ideal as a solo entertainer.

    Buy semi-dry wines cheap online

    The start has been made, now it's time to order the sweet aftertaste. So buy your medium-dry wines safely and easily on VINELLO. We send out bottles of semi-dry wines safely packaged in insured packages. Naturally sent climate-neutrally by DHL, your wines will soon be at your home. Order medium-dry wines online with a slight residual sweetness, pleasant acidity and lots of taste.