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    Talisker Distillery was founded in 1831 by the brothers Hugh and Kenneth MacAskill in Carbost on the banks of Loch Harport. The production plant has five distilleries: Two wash stills (14,706 l each) and three spirit stills (11,024 l each). Condensation coils are still used instead of modern condensers. It is said that they produce a fuller taste. The heating of the distilleries has recently been changed from direct coal firing to steam heating. The steam is generated in an adjacent house by oil firing. By avoiding open fires in the Stillhouse itself, the risk of fire has been considerably reduced.

    The malt used is extremely peaty, the phenol content is relatively high at 25 ppm. The water used for production comes from 14 different sources and also flows over peat, which further intensifies the taste.

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