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    Villa Lanata

    Villae Lanata

    Domini Villae Lanata - Noble drops from Piedmont

    The Villa Lanata was built in 1880 by Cardinal Giovanni Battista Lanata from Genoa as a summer residence for him and his canons in the middle of a steep slope on the river Belbo. The Martini family bought and restored the Villa Lanata in order to find a place for the wines from their family vineyards and to fulfill a long-standing wish. For generations wine has not only been an economic sector, but also tradition and passion.

    Deeply rooted in the region

    For half a century, the Sant' Orsola winery has been preparing the background for the family and its attachment to the winegrowers in Piedmont. In this winery, technical and oenological knowledge has been acquired over generations, and the motivation to set an example for the whole region has always been the motivation. In the 1970s, a wine cellar was finally established and further vineyards were bought in the region to give the wines produced there a new home.

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    Chardonnay Langhe DOC 2019 - Villa Lanata
    Chardonnay Langhe DOC 2019 - Villa Lanata
    Villa Lanata dry Italy
    8.27 €*
    Content 0.75 liter(s) (€11.03 * / 1 liter(s))

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    Company Name:Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi SpA
    Street:Loc.S.Bovo via Statale 26
    City:12054 Cossano Belbo
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