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    The history of the Leitz Winery goes back to 1744. During World War II, the estate was completely destroyed and painstakingly rebuilt by Josef Leitz, the grandfather of today's owner. His son, father of the present owner Johannes Leitz, was only able to run the family business for a short time due to his untimely death. However, Johannes' mother decided to keep the business in part-time employment, so that Johannes Leitz was able to take over him after his apprenticeship as a winegrower's master in 1985. It increased the initial 3 hectares of the estate to about 40 hectares and helped the estate to national and international fame. The red wines and white wines are not only sold nationwide, but also in the USA, Norway, England and Sweden.

    The Leitz Winery owns plots of land in a wide variety of locations, e. g. at the Rüdesheim mountain Schloßberg, at the Rüdesberg Dragon's Stone, at the Rüdesheim Magdalen Cross, at the Rüdesheim bishop's mountain, at the Rüdesheim mountain Rottland, and at the Rüdesheim Kaisersteinfels. As different as the locations are, the soil characteristics of the respective cultivation areas are as varied. While the soils at the Kaisersteinfels and Roseneck are predominantly red slate soils or quartzite soils with fractions of quartzite and therefore have a relatively low mineral content, the grey slate in the Rüdesheim Rottland with its clayey fine soil offers a lot of potassium, magnesium, iron and sodium. The loess loess loam soils of Bischofsberg and Magdalene cross are also rich in traces and nutrients. Here, the ice age dust has settled and is weathered to fertile loess clay. The loose soil forms an excellent reservoir of water and allows the vines to grow their roots deep into the soil.

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    Riesling trocken 2019 - Weingut Josef Leitz
    Riesling trocken 2019 - Weingut Josef Leitz
    Weingut Josef Leitz dry Germany
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    More information about Weingut Josef Leitz

    Company Name:WEINGUT LEITZ KG
    Street:Theodor-Heuss-Straße 5
    City:65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein
    Contact & Web
    Telephone:+49 672248711
    Fax:+49 672247658
    Year of Incorporation:1744
    Company Group:Weingut Josef Leitz
    Company Owner:Johannes Leitz
    Managing Director:Johannes Leitz
    Vineyard Area:43 ha
    Cultivated Area:Rheingau, Rüdesheim,
    Cultivated Vineyards:Rüdesheimer Berg Rottland, Rosengarten, Drachenstein, Magdalenenkreuz, Klosterlay, Berg Schlossberg, Berg Roseneck, Bischofsberg, Kirchenpfad, Berg Kaisersteinfels
    Annual Wine Production in hl:70 hl/ ha
    Wine Familiy
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