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    Weingut Prieler

    Prieler Weingut

    Close to nature wines from the Prieler von Neusiedlersee vineyard

    This is what Prieler wines stand for: The landscape around the village of Schützen is a small natural paradise with terroirs that you can't dream of. It is therefore also a nature reserve, and this considerably restricts its use, as not only is there an absolute ban on grubbing-up and building development, but it is also forbidden to drive on tractors. The 20 hectares of vineyards of the Prieler family are situated on the Schützner Stein, which belongs to the hills on the western shore of the Neusiedlersee, where the Prielers have been practising mixed farming in the small Burgenland town of Schützen for more than 150 years. They grow cereals, fruit, beets and potatoes, but they also have a few cattle, pigs and chickens. This mixture was customary for the hill country on Lake Neusiedl in order to ensure survival even in difficult times, although wine-growing was never a fundamental component of this diversity of cultivation. Only much later were the vines given greater importance. In 1972, the mixed farm was finally converted to pure wine-growing. To this end, the variety of varieties was reduced and investments were made in modern cellar technology. The Prieler family also took the courageous decision early on to place quality clearly above yield, resulting in wines with a unique character: profound with excellent potential and international dimension, but at the same time very down-to-earth and committed to their terroir.

    Prieler wines are wines to discover

    Wine is cultivated here mainly in sheltered boiler areas or on sunny slopes, predominantly facing south and east. There the vines can enjoy the long maturing period on the vine. Soil and the local climate also have a positive effect on yields. During the day, the stony soil stores the warmth that it gives back to the vines at night. The lake mitigates the sometimes harsh Pannonian climate of the lowlands and ensures a pleasant microclimate all year round with warm autumn days during the harvest season. Finally, the more than 400-metre-high Leithagebirge mountain range, which stretches from north-east to south-west in the back of shooters over 35 kilometres from north-east to south-west, provides protection from cold west winds for the boiler sites on the one hand and provides cooling on warm summer evenings on the other. In order to guarantee the right quality of Prieler wines, Prielers pay attention to strict yield limitation, a short pruning with high foliage and otherwise exercise patience in order to give the grapes ample time for their aromatic development and maturation. The result shows that the family is right with this approach. Finally, the Austrian trade journal Falstaff chose the Prieler family as winemaker of the year 2009 with the following statement:' The high level of quality in all wine categories impresses the Prieler family just as much as the sensitive handling of the specific characteristics of the respective grape variety and the ideally selected terroir.'.

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    More information about Weingut Prieler

    Company Name: Weingut Familie Prieler
    Street:Hauptstraße 181
    City:7081 Schützen am Gebirge
    Contact & Web
    Telephone:+43 2684 2229
    Fax:+43 2684 2229-4
    Company Owner:Engelbert und Irmgard Prieler
    Managing Director:Georg Prieler
    Oenologist:Georg Prieler
    Cellarmaster:Silvia und Georg Prieler
    Vineyard Area:20 ha
    Cultivated Area:Burgenland
    Cultivated Vineyards:Seeberg, Sinner, Schützner Stein, Leithaberg, Johanneshöhe, Goldberg
    Wine Familiy
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